Sand Separators

WellFlex Sand Separator is a pressure vessel that efficiently separates and helps remove sand and other sediments from your flow back liquids and or hydrocarbon production stream. This easy-to-install between well head and production separation unit gives you a simple, straightforward way to help protect your downstream equipment from erosion and plugging.

How It Works

As the liquids and gas enter the vessel, a deflector reduces the stream’s velocity. The slowed stream contacts the impingement baffle, which redirects the liquid and gas toward the unit outlets. A series of baffles help capture the sand and sediment, which descends and collects at the bottom of the vessel and can be dumped to sand tank. The flow back liquids or hydrocarbon stream is now virtually free of heavy particulate and is ready for further processing. The captured sand and sediment can be regularly discharged from the separator.

WellFlex Standard Features

  • Flanged inlet and outlet connections
  • Long-weld neck with ring-type joint flanges
  • Three-inch vertical sand impingement plate
  • Relief valve connection on top
  • High quality enamel paint system
  • Sand outlet/drain on bottom

WellFlex Options

  • Rugged L-shaped skid for easy mobility and quick installation
  • Removable sacrificial stinger inlet nozzle
  • Blow down sand removal valves and chokes
  • Sour gas service built according to the NACE standard
  • Custom designed to your needs up to10,000 psig shut-in pressure rating