Reduce your total cost of ownership!

8 well pad site construction reduced from 25 days to 5 days. Estimated savings of $150K!


  • Advanced welding technologies in shop environment
  • Reduces number of vendors to manage
  • Experienced assembly personnel at Wellflex (average 15 years of industry experience)
  • More predictable cost and schedule
  • Reduces delays based on weather and inefficiencies due to extreme temperatures in active basins


  • Welding in a controlled environment produces higher quality welds
  • Fewer leaks in threaded piping
  • Less damage to coatings due to less handing in the field
  • Painting and Coating performed in a controlled environment with quality testing and reporting
  • Reduce common pipe failures on difficult to access surfaces on field-assembled units


  • Less construction time on the pad site means fewer safety incidents
  • Less welding, equipment, and personnel on site means fewer safety incidents
  • Higher quality system means fewer leaks and repairs in the future
  • Fewer leaks insures against potential environmental remediation

Cost Effective

  • Reduces the cost of field labor by up to 80%
  • Lifetime maintenance cost of a pad site is reduced due to improved quality and standardization of spare parts
  • Field labor in active basins is much more expensive than shop labor located outside the basin
  • Reduces the amount of equipment required for construction and length of time equipment is needed
  • Reduces back office costs by working with just one vendor