Horizontal Heated Separators

WellFlex horizontal heated separator is designed to remove water and emulsion from crude oil. The unit is engineered with a unique inlet gas dome and an emulsion distributor that allow you to efficiently treat well streams while maximizing separation. The process quickly readies your product for pipeline delivery.

How It Works

Produced fluids enter the top mounted vertical gas dome where the gas breaks out of the liquid and exits through a mist extractor and out to sales. The liquids descend into the heated section of the horizontal separator. Any further gas that is released is removed through an equalizer line that is tied back into the vertical gas dome. The oil/water mixture is heated and the water collects in the lower section of the vessel, which is discharged to the water storage tank through the water outlet control valve. The treated oil flows into the oil bucket and then through the oil outlet control valve to storage tank for pipeline delivery.

Standard Features

  • Inlet vertical gas dome
  • Removable firetube and stack
  • Flame arrestor
  • High-efficiency burner and pilot assembly
  • Temperature controller
  • Tubular liquid level gauge assemblies
  • Pressure gauge with isolating valve
  • Oil level controller and dump valve
  • Water level controller and dump valve
  • Pressure relief valve
  • High temperature shutdown controller
  • Gas back-pressure valve
  • High quality enamel paint system
  • Fuel gas scrubber with regulators and high-level shutdown


  • Pilot flame-out safety control BMS
  • Custom low voltage facility shut down system
  • Custom liquid control systems
  • High/low liquid level shut off (LSHL)
  • Sand jet system
  • Stack arrestor
  • Anode
  • Skid mount
  • Insulation
  • Cold weather housing
  • Internal coating
  • Sour gas service built to the NACE standard