Filter Separator

Wellflex Filter Separator can keep contaminants from damaging gas production equipment. This compact, highly durable coalescing separator-filter combination is typically used in line with compressors, dehydration units and fuel gas units in high-gas/low-liquid flow applications. It removes small solids such as dust and rust as well as lube oil and glycol, allowing you to produce cleaner natural gas outputs.

How It Works

The natural gas stream first passes through filter tubes and elements that capture solid particles and cause liquids to coalesce into larger droplets, which are then captured by the wire mesh or vane mist extractor. The resulting stream is free of particles up to 99.5% of particles as small as a half micron. Captured droplets collect inlet scrubber boot and outlet scrubber boot and the fluids are controlled to liquid storage by an automatic level control system

Standard Features

  • Pressure relief valve
  • Sight glass/level gauges with gauge cock
  • Liquid level controllers
  • Liquid manifold control valves system
  • Pressure indicator
  • Temperature indicator connection
  • Instrument gas supply drip pot
  • Instrument gas header
  • High/low pressure regulator
  • High quality enamel paint system
  • Lifting lugs for safe handling


  • API 14C rated
  • Flanged connections
  • Sentry closure
  • Manway
  • Skid mounted with drain pan
  • Full installation
  • Sour gas service built to the NACE standard